Sacramento Home Entertainment Center

4361 Pell Drive, #300, Sacramento, CA 95838


All the devices that bring us movies, music and sporting events need to be connected to each other but there's no reason to have to see an unsightly tangle of cables and wires. Having all the components conveniently located and easily accessible just makes sense. Home entertainment centers don't have to be cheaply-made press-board affairs that you buy in a box and then take home to assemble. We work with our clients to design top-quality entertainment centers that can become the focal point of a room or blend seamlessly into a wall.

Are the components of your home entertainment center stacked on top of each other because there's simply no better place to put them? Do you wish you could get those components to blend into the background instead of being a distraction? We can build a free-standing entertainment center that is custom designed for your components or we can crate a cabinetry solution that blend seamlessly into a wall. We'll take into account the location of power outlets, wiring layouts and the need for circulation of air for cooling individual electronic devices.

Your choice of materials and finishes is almost unlimited and the only considerations are your personal decorating tastes and the budget you set aside for the project. We deliver quality workmanship and you can count on us to complete the project on-time and on-budget. Call us for a consultation today at 916.333.2775!