Custom Commercial Cabinets Counters Sacramento

4361 Pell Drive, #300, Sacramento, CA 95838


Leasing commercial space isn't cheap and it's important to get the most value out of every square foot. It's also important that display counters or service areas display your inventory to the best advantage. In a restaurant setting, the woodwork in seating and service areas sets the tone for the customer experience.

In a showroom setting, display cabinets need to present the maximum number of items while occupying a minimal footprint.

You invested time and energy in your floorplan and want to make the most out of it. In a restaurant setting, for example, counters and seating areas are an integral part of the dining experience. The woods and surface materials set the tone and expectations that greet your customers. Expertly-crafted woods make a statement about attention to detail and planning. In addition to all the right tools, our shop has a "finishing room" that provides a dust-free space where we apply the final touches to the products we build. In Sacramento we can be reached at 916.333.2775. We'll be glad to meet with you in your home or at our offices to talk about your needs and the solutions we can offer.