Custom Bathroom Cabinets Sacramento

4361 Pell Drive, #300, Sacramento, CA 95838


If your bathroom seems tired and outdated, it may be time for a remodel. Just slapping on new doors and drawerfronts is one option, but this is your opportunity to take your bathroom to the next level!

New fixtures and cabinets can create a whole new experience. Custom bathroom cabinets let you maximize the storage space available and make the most of every square foot of space. Elegant wood surfaces, beautiful countertops and expert craftsmanship combine to take your bathroom from a utilitarian space to something that shows your imagination and attention to detail. In Sacramento we can be reached at 916.333.2775. We'll be glad to meet with you in your home or at our offices to talk about your needs and the solutions we can offer.

We can build cabinets to whatever height and depth best suits you and the way you live. You can choose from a selection of cabinet and countertop materials that is alm0ost limitless. We build components in our shop and assemble the finished product on-site in your new bathroom. Our attention to detail shows in everything we do. We deliver top-quality results on-time and within the budget you set.